Health diplomacy: framing diplomacy through a health lens

This animated infographic reflects on different aspects of health diplomacy as an approach that brings together multiple stakeholders across political, economic and social sectors, who share common goals to improve population health and further the concept of “health in all policies”. In an increasingly globalized world, health diplomacy represents an important forum for negotiations on global policy issues. Addressing global health challenges contributes to development, national security, poverty reduction, social justice and human rights.

Dr. Shiv Chopra_#The TPP, Food Sovereignty and Our Health

At a recent event held in Langley BC / Dr. Shiv Chopra former Health Canada senior scientist B.V. Sc. & A.H., M.Sc., Ph.D. & now a Health Canada whistle blower, presents an overview of the negative impacts of the TPP trade deal & criticizes Illegal actions taking place in the hands of our government which negatively impact consumers and the health of the general public at large. **Among other negative aspects, this TPP trade agreement would allow for the introduction of Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH), an artificial growth hormone developed by Monsanto to increase milk output from dairy cows. Canada has always said no to milk with BGH based on public health concerns, but under the TPP, milk with BGH will be allowed on your grocery store shelf. Thank you for watching and doing your part to hold governments accountable to the citizens they were elected to serve, your stand up participation is required. Take action now:
Please refer to the bottom of this text descriptive for a timeline-topic overview to specific topics of Dr. Chopra’s presentation.
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****Please visit the following links and become more informed. 1. Five Pillars of Food Safety article. & 2. an account of how government corruption endangers the public food supply.
***Langley event Sponsor media links: Must copy & Paste / White Rock Farmers Market:
****Timeline overview & partial list of topics covered in this presentation:
@ 5:50: Illegal actions taking place in the hands of our government
@ 6:56 hormones & antibiotics given to food producing animals, what takes place in slaughter houses and where these questionable remnants end up in the food chain? So many antibiotics used today they are actually found in flowing rivers.
@ 9:50 Slaughter house waste & whose food chain it goes into ?
@ 13:39: Genetically Modified Organism’s / unnatural transfer of genes from one species to another
@15:05: GMO’s , pesticides & herbicides & their effect on your health & the lies being told.
@19:28 Canada’s food and drugs act fallers & deregulation because NAFTA & trade agreement negotiation.
@21:48. Harper, where did he go and the TPP topic & what you can do.
@27:05 Still camera flashes & camera goes in & out of focus in a few spots, also sound goes slightly out of sync ? / just to make personal note
@28.09 five materials which illegally approved and in Canadians food supply which is the most toxic on earth. What citizens can do about lies being told by our government.
@36:59 Main Stream Media not keeping the public properly informed.
@39:18 Steps being considered to hold our Government responsible for not implementing the food and drugs act, including legal action as the food and drug act is attached to the criminal code of Canada.
@41:00 Canada the most precious country on earth & what we should be doing