William, Kate and Harry new campaign for mental health “Heads Together”

Place2Be a charity partner of the new Heads Together campaign. Led by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and announced today as the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 Charity of the Year, the campaign aims to end stigma around mental health.
The Heavy – “Turn Up”
Licensed courtesy of Counter Records
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Rapid Fat Burning weight Loss Hypnosis Binaural Beats | Weight Loss Program | Good Vibes

Rapid Fat Burning Weight Loss Hypnosis Binaural Beats & Weight Loss Program Presented by Good Vibes ( Binaural Beats Meditation )

Weight loss hypnosis Binaural Beats Meditation. Weight loss campaign or weight loss program via binaural beats sound therapy. This is really amazing audio and visual presentation prepared by Good Vibes team. Even this is very powerful binaural beats. It helps to loss your weight after having practice with it on a daily basis.

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Capitalism and Mental Health: How the Market Makes Us Sick

Far from being a far-fetched pipe dream that human beings could never live under, pockets of anarchistic self-activity are what keep us sane in a profoundly insane world. This video mainly deals with how the capitalist system exerts massive amounts of pressure on individuals and gives the average person a million different things to worry about. I mainly talk about anxiety and depression here, although I fully acknowledge that there’s so much more to cover than just that, both in terms of mental illness and in terms of societal analysis.

Also I should briefly add that I don’t think mental illness would simply disappear in an anarchist society; I think to some extent it is a fundamental part of being human. But I do think many of the contributing factors, like social isolation and financial stress, would be significantly reduced in an anarchist society.

Chronic stress at work linked to high blood pressure:

Anxiety Disorders Association of America 2006 survey:

700,000 workers in the UK on zero-hour contracts:

Fearing the brown envelope: Sickness benefits and welfare reform

Work Capability Assessments linked with mental health problems:

Gallup employee engagement survey:

Rates of mental disorder among the homeless population:

Review of evidence concerning security of tenure, maintenance, community etc:

19 million vacant homes in America:

Information on gentrification:

Higher rates of mental illness and substance dependence among economically disenfranchised groups:

Heroin use in Muirhouse and the AIDS epidemic:

Mental illness in Europe:

How self-directed activities improve well-being:

Hobbies for stress relief:




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LIFE CHANGING: Destiny Meditation Manifestation : Abundance, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Happiness

Manifestation meditation music for destiny. Achieve your desire and destiny full of prosperity, health, wealth and Abundance or anything you desire. Music with a power to change your life and destiny.
All you have to do during this meditation session is to visualize yourself being successful in whatever changes you want in your life.

We are the leader in Reiki Music, Relaxation Music, Healing Music, Sleep Music, Study Music, Work Music, Yoga Music, Spa Music, Massage Music, Zen Music, Meditation Music, White Noise, Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones.

♫Beat Frequency in this recording: 8hz
♬ Listening Instructions: stereo headphones not required
⌚ Time: Early in the morning immediately after you wake up or before bed
☼ Duration: Regularly listen at least for six to eight weeks, once or more a day is recommended.

There is power in music, an innate ability to transform states of mind and induce emotions. The terms “music therapy” and “healing music” are used even in medical circles for the wonderful results music has shown.

Our music incorporates the relaxing sounds and binaural beats of New Age music, Indian and Buddhist chants, Chinese and Tibetan music, Instrumental music, Piano music and nature sounds into a soothing mix that work perfectly as ambient and background music. These sounds improve concentration and brain function and induce deep sleep. They are perfect for massage therapy and Reiki and for relaxing meditation sessions.

Our long music playlists of relaxation songs is accompanied by a music video of tranquil images to help you relax.

Our Music and Beats are popular for the followings:

►Reiki, Relaxation & Healing Music
The calming sounds of Reiki music and Zen music are used during Reiki healing sessions as they enhance Reiki vibrations and allow the listener to reach a blissful state of consciousness.

►Sleep Music
Sleep Music is slow music used to relax the mind and body and induce sleep meditation resulting in healing sleep. The nature sounds and soothing music of this genre bring about a form of sleep hypnosis. The beautiful music will help you fall asleep, achieve peaceful sleep, and has the potential to even cure insomnia. Sleep music is ideal for people of all ages: for babies, children, teens and adults.

►Study & Work Music
Study music is also known as concentration music or focus music for its ability to allow the brain to shut out intruding sounds and allow the listener to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Some school and college students even call it homework music. It is often used by adults to improve work performance.

►Yoga Music
The inherently calming Yoga exercises may be enhanced further by calming music that helps practitioners achieve a “Yoga trance”. We use Indian chants known as Yoga chants to induce yoga trance which is similar to the one featured on Yogacast and Hare Krishna which are especially helpful for Yoga for beginners.

►Spa & Massage Music
To relax your mind and body, the spa is a perfect getaway. Spa music played during massage therapy makes for easy listening and incorporates nature sounds. We have mostly used piano, nature sounds, Tibetan bowls and instrumental music to achieve ultimate relaxation during massage therapy and Spa sessions.

►Zen & Meditation Music
Regardless of the school of meditation – Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Deepak Chopra meditation, Transcendental meditation or any other – the calming sounds of meditation music like Indian meditation music, Tibetan music, Japanese meditation music and even Shamanic music will enable you to reach a state of deep meditation. We also have numerous chakra healing, chakra balancing and chakra meditation music.

►Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones
Binaural beats composed of Alpha waves, Beta waves, Delta waves, Theta waves and Gamma waves are perceived by the brain as ASMR when the binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic tones reach the ears at different times. They can induce lucid dreaming, increased focus, meditation and stress relief by pleasantly affecting the brainwaves.

►Nature Sounds:
Nature sounds are inherently calming. Our music incorporates rain and thunder sounds, river and waterfall sounds, and the sounds of birds chirping in the forest and of ocean waves lapping the seashore.

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