Hoi iedereen! Vandaag ging ik de baby food challenge doen samen met Kacy! Als je het doorslikt, krijg je een punt! We gaan door totdat iemand het meeste punten heeft. Abonneer op mij voor meer van dit soort gekke video’s en ik zie jullie in mijn volgende video chiaoo! x
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Fat-Burning Circuit using a medicine ball, kettlebell and plyometric box

Here is a circuit for those of you that have ever wondered what to do with ‘functional equipment’ in the gym or if its one of those busy times and you can’t get onto your favourite machine. For great fat-burning results complete 30 seconds of each exercise then rest for 30 seconds, repeat 4 times.
Guide: Start with a light weights and build up, medicine ball 2 or 3kg, kettlebell 5 or 8kg and jump onto an exercise step to start. Remember technique is key!

Goobye video from Kristen Virag of Mental Health for the Digital Generation

I’m Kristen Virag, author of “Mental Health for the Digital Generation”. I’d like to express gratitude for having the opportunity to write blogs and record videos for Healthy Place. This will be my last video and blog. I now realise that through suffering from a mental health breakdown last year, I was able to help so many people so it was worth it. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching my videos and really hope they have been helpful for my viewers.
Until next time, and stay well.

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“Mental Health for the Digital Generation” blog:
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I Love Baby Food!?//Baby Food Challenge

i regret everything about this honestly

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