Harun Rashid Presents at the Intelligent Health Pavilion, HIMSS16

Harun Rashid Presents at the Intelligent Health Pavilion, HIMSS16

As an educational association with a mandate to educate about IT in healthcare, providing venues for top industry thought leaders to speak is an important part of the Intelligent Health Association’s agenda. The Intelligent Health™ Pavilion, at HIMSS16, once again provided such a platform for many speakers, presenting on a wide variety of topics in our Leadership and Innovation Theaters.

In this presentation, produced by IHTV (intelligenthospital.tv), Harun Rashid, VP Global Health Services & Chief Information Officer, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, talks about “Patient Engagement at Work”, about the confluence of technology and health information and how it can empower patients of all ages.

The educational demonstrations at the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion deliver a number of compelling use cases across collaborating vendors that highlight how multiple technologies can seamlessly interoperate with state of the art, medical equipment and co-exist to improve the overall patient care experience.

Within the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion, The Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion and i-HOME™bring together not only RFID and RTLS technology firms and their many use cases, but also new and complementary technologies such as Auto-ID, Biometrics, BLE, IOT, mobile devices, NFC, bar coding, software, sensors, and wireless technology firms all at one easy, accessible location.

What is the Intelligent Health Association (IHA)?

The IHA is a new, growing organization built on the success of the “RFID in Healthcare Consortium” (RHCC), founded in 2008 to serve the growing industry needs of the Auto-ID and RFID/RTLS technology sector. The RHCC is now an active member of the IHA.

The IHA is an international, technology centric and technology focused organization serving as the parent organization and home for many 21st century digital technologies. The IHA is comprised of many new digital/mobile technology communities and societies, all operating under one organizational structure with a common goal: to help drive the “Evolution to the Digital Health Revolution™” through the adoption and implementation of new technologies in the health ecosystem. The IHA accomplishes its mission through the delivery of vendor neutral, technology agnostic educational programs at conferences, trade shows, webinars and via social media channels in a partnership with other health related organizations, academic institutions, government, technology community and standards bodies. For further information please contact Harry P. Pappas, Founder and CEO, the Intelligent Health Association: hpappas@ihassociation.org

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