RESI on MaRS 2016: Where health means business

On June 23, MaRS is hosting RESI on MaRS, the first Canadian instalment of the acclaimed Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) health investment conference series. Register to attend RESI on MaRS:

RESI on MaRS will take place in Toronto, the heart of Canada’s financial and health industries, where early-stage investment in life sciences and digital health is on the cusp of a major breakthrough. The event will welcome hundreds of innovators and investors from around the globe to engage in the heart of Canada’s rising health innovation hub.

If you are a fundraising CEO interested in raising capital or an investor looking for promising, novel health technologies and life science discoveries to add to your portfolio, RESI is where you need to be. In just one day, RESI on MaRS will bring together more than 250 fundraising CEOs and nearly 250 early-stage investors (a 1:1 ratio) from around the globe, providing the opportunity for dialogue and relationship building, with the goal of eventual capital allocations.

As part of RESI on MaRS, 30 health ventures will compete in the third annual MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge.


Video about all supplements I take.. 🙂 Enjoy.

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Health diplomacy: framing diplomacy through a health lens

This animated infographic reflects on different aspects of health diplomacy as an approach that brings together multiple stakeholders across political, economic and social sectors, who share common goals to improve population health and further the concept of “health in all policies”. In an increasingly globalized world, health diplomacy represents an important forum for negotiations on global policy issues. Addressing global health challenges contributes to development, national security, poverty reduction, social justice and human rights.

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